Kutometa Technologies

Getting in Touch

You may contact us using any of the methods listed on this page.

While we welcome and encourage you to contact us, please read any notes associated with the method you wish to use. For text and voice messages, you can expect to receive a response from us within 2 business days. For urgent support, please see this page instead.

Phone Call
9661 1716

We accept local phone calls during normal business hours from 8 AM through 12 PM (Local Kuwait Time).

Messaging App

We accept text and voice mail communication through any app that supports the Matrix protocol.


Please use secure messaging apps or our secure submissions form when sending sensitive information.

Meeting in Person

Al Zumorrodah Tower - Floor 21, Fahad Al-Salim St, Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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Please note that we cannot accommodate visits without a prior appointment.

PO Box 760 Safat 13008 Kuwait

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