Kutometa Technologies

Alternative Licensing for Businesses

Get your products to market faster and cheaper by building on proven technology. This licensing program can help your business deliver complex products faster by using our technologies in your products without adhering to the limitations outlined in our standard licensing agreement.

Who's this for?

This program is intended for entities looking to bundle, embed, reproduce, or otherwise redistribute our intellectual properties in a manner that is not compatible with our standard licensing requirements. Some examples of cases where the program may be required:

  • Businesses wishing to disallow or prevent the alteration, modification, replacement, or repair of our technology in their product (e.g. locked-down devices and proprietary software).

  • Businesses wishing to reproduce and distribute our technology through third-party services that have requirements incompatible with our standard license (e.g. the Apple App Store and similar).

Evaluation & Prototypes

Our standard open-source licenses permit licensees to use, modify, and adapt most of our technologies. These permissions cover reverse engineering and building prototypes at no additional cost as long as the distribution previsions of the licenses are met.

If these licenses are found to be insufficient for a proper evaluation of our technologies, you may request a temporary exemption from us by contacting us.

Available Properties

Most of our intellectual property is available for licensing under this program. This includes our software and hardware products, designs, and digital assets. Please contact us if you need more information.

Fee Structure

Fees associated with this program are comprised of two components, a flat yearly fee and a lower-bound percentage fee per item, as shown in the following formula:

Fees   =  
Yearly Fee  
(   3%  
  ⩾   MIF  

The Standard Fee Schedule is specified as follows:

Property Class Yearly Fee Minimum Item Fee
Software (e.g. Libraries, Apps) 3000 KWD
(approx. 10,000 USD)
0.05 KWD
(approx. 0.15 USD)
Hardware Designs 3000 KWD
(approx. 10,000 USD)
0.05 KWD
(approx. 0.15 USD)
Media Assets 150 KWD
(approx. 500 USD)
0.005 KWD
(approx. 0.02 USD)

Please note that the Standard Fee Schedule shown here is provided for informative purposes only and may be adjusted at our sole discretion. The fee schedule may be adjusted according to licensing details, expected sales volume, end-user rights, market conditions, and many other factors.

Please also note that the availability of the Standard Fee Schedule is strictly predicated upon the licensee's initiation of a licensing engagement. If Kutometa initiates a licensing engagement in pursuit of a remedy of a violation of our rights, an alternative fee structure may be used instead. This alternative fee structure may be revised to be vastly more costly and may not constitute or include restitution for any expenses incurred by or enforced against Kutometa in pursuit of such remedy. Kutometa reserves the right to withhold or adjust any aspect of our licensing program for any reason.

Get your products to market faster and cheaper. Build on proven technology.