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Trademarks are one of the primary methods we rely on to help customers easily identify the source of the products and services they use. This document provides an overview of our policies regarding the use and redistribution of our trademarks.

The majority of the products we offer are available under open-source licenses. These licenses grant third parties broad rights to our products, including the ability to modify and redistribute our products without our oversight or approval.

To help customers distinguish original products from products altered by third-party redistributors, we strictly limit how our trademarks may be used and redistributed. These limits provide customers with a quick way to ascertain the source of the product and provide us with the tools we need to protect our reputation and our brand.

We are committed to protecting our customers and our brand by ensuring the correct use of our trademarks in every way we can.

Usage & Redistribution

Kutometa expressly prohibits any use and redistribution of its trademarks unless

Kutometa grants these exceptions in good faith. Kutometa reserves the right to object, change, and/or revoke some of these exceptions at any time for any reason. Please contact us if these exceptions aren't sufficient for your use or if a more stable arrangement is needed.

Reporting Counterfeit and Fraud

Please report any suspected fraud to legal@kutometa.com.

Registered and Owned Trademarks

The following table lists some of our Trademarks. The absence of a name or logo from this table does not constitute a waiver by Kutometa of a Kutometa trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo.
Trademark Notes
Primary Company Logo with Text
    Company Logo, Registered Trademark
Classic Company Logo with Text, Registered Trademark
Kutometa®, كوتوميتا® Company Name, Trade name, Registered Trademark
Carnet™ Product Name, Software Development Security

Abandoned Trademarks

Trademark Notes
Wujud™ Service Name, Service rebranded in 2021


Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding our trademarks.